Music Lessons – Tip of the week (vocal coaching)

Your greatest asset – your ear.

As a singer one of the greatest tools that you have at your disposal are your ears. Perhaps that seems like an overstatement, but surprisingly many singers do not utilize their ears to help further their abilities and technique.

When I teach a voice lesson, I always record it. This is helpful not only because the student can then practice through the week with that session, but also because it gives the student the chance to hear their own voice as it sounds. When you speak or sing, you hear your voice as it sounds from within the chamber of your own body. Recording your voice as you practice and listening back is the best way to get a clear perspective on your progress, challenges and assets.

If you are not used to hearing a recording of your voice, it may sound a bit strange to ears. You will get used to the sound of your own voice soon enough, and remember – you must learn to be comfortable with your voice! In this age of technology, you do not need a studio in which to record yourself practicing. Use a computer, laptop, phone or similar device to record your practice sessions.

Use your ears – they will make you a stronger and better singer if you pay attention to what you hear.

Tonella R.

Tonella has studied voice and piano for over 15 years, and has taught a wide variety of students in many different genres for the past 8 years. She has prepared students for national competitions (YTV’s The Next Star, Canadian Idol) and has a strong background in contemporary and classical instruction.

Lessons are booked in 30 minute blocks, once a week.

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